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Why do we talk about money as an abstract? Why do we talk about wealth and taxes in the abstract? “Taxes always go up.” “Things never go down in price, they only go up.” This isn’t necessary (though I would argue that it is positive, as it ties in with my larger point). Money is manageable. It is not a mystery. You don’t need to be an economist.

 Why do we believe it is negative to be generous with money? We are all hoarders, wanting every last dime for ourselves, even the dollars we waste. It is not that we deny the usefulness of dollars, but we feel they are not to be shared. I have earned my keep, you must earn yours. Everything that is mine is rightfully earned. I cannot give you money. I can give you opportunity though. And first, of course, you must prove that you deserve said opportunity to me. You must come into any situation with the knowledge you are applying to a situation for to achieve.


Equality of opportunity?

Equality of outcome?

People who discuss the equality of opportunity don’t realize that there is no true equality of opportunity. Assuming the legality of actions, then it’s the end that matters, not the means. Does a CEO of a company, with an MBA and 4-year college education, worry that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates didn’t finish college? In the minds of many, they earned their keep. They were innovators. It doesn’t matter if they smoked pot and tinkered with computers or whatever they did. They are “self-made” men who got rich off a great, unique idea. That’s all that matters.

All that matters is results. If I try my hardest at my job, but still fail, and lose money for my company, I can be fired. Surely my boss would be patient with me if I’m giving it an honest shot. But no matter how well-meaning you are, saying and doing wrong things that hurt your employer is usually a fire-able offense.

So why can we say that we cannot guarantee outcomes? This would be unacceptable in the “private sector.” The government absolutely can guarantee outcomes. We can directly give people money. We do it with Social Security. We can directly give people health insurance. We do it with Medicaid and Medicare.

Money is the key.

If we are going to have capitalism, and a system where money is the way we get and trade items and value, then money is everything. Sure, gifts in kind are nice. My father, a lawyer, can represent me in court for free to protest a speeding ticket. But his time is money, and he is, in effect, giving me money in this circumstance. And while we can help each other out with employment searches, the most effective way to ensure one’s well-being is just by straight up giving them money. Cash. Moolah.

Money matters. And the greatest thing that can ensure our livelihood is money. That is money in our communities. Money for our infrastructure. Money for our people. We are the ones who need more money. There is plenty of it out there, and it is time we all had more of it.


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